The Frankenstein Bicentennial Project will span from 2016 through 2018, marking the anniversary of the legendary “dare.”
Our High-Energy Planet is the first report of the Climate Pragmatism project, led by Arizona State University’s Consortium for Science, Policy, and Outcomes (CSPO) in partnership with The Breakthrough Institute.
New research published in Nature Climate Change co-authored by CSPO faculty Netra Chhetri examines the effect of climate change on essential crops.
CSPO sponsored the creation of a Tibetan Sand Mandala at Emerge 2014 to reflect the event's theme of "The Future of Me." Read the reflections of an observer in our blog.
PhD student Miles Brundage comments on the future of technology and work on Slate's Future Tense.
Delivering thought-provoking contributions that explore the complex interactions among science, technology, politics and the human condition.
Scholars and practitioners in the emerging interdisciplinary field known as “responsible innovation” now have a new place to publish their work. The Journal of Responsible Innovation (JRI) will offer an opportunity to articulate, strengthen and critique perspectives about the role of responsibility in the research and development process. The journal will also provide a forum for discussions of ethical, social and governance issues that arise in a society that places a great emphasis on innovation.
The schedule for the fall CSPO-DC New Tools for Science Policy breakfast seminars is now available. And if you missed a seminar from last year, click here to watch video and look at photos from many of the past seminars.
Faculty members, students and affiliates of the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes share their thoughts, analysis and scholarly reflections on a variety of science and technology policy topics.